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I began playing the piano at the age of five and had weekly piano lessons. My parents rented a small piano studio room for me to practice for half an hour a week because they weren’t sure if I would continue playing piano. I was six when my granddad bought me my first upright piano. By the age of 12, I had completed Grade 8, Pianoforte Trinity College of Music, London, with Honours, and soon after that, Grade 8, AMEB, with distinction as well as the AMusA and LMusA.

I remember one year, I received the highest mark awarded for a grade exam, and was invited to perform in front of all the teachers and examiners at the Annual Teachers Association meeting in this big hall. I was nine years old. This was the start to many more piano performances.

Although I always enjoyed music, I was never one to practice a lot until it came to exams time and I never really fully appreciated music until years later after I had completed my Bachelor of Business Degree and was working full time in the financial industry. I did win prizes and so forth in local piano eisteddfods and performed solo or as an accompanist to choirs and orchestras at the Sydney Town Hall, as well as the Sydney Opera House, auditoriums, university halls, large function centres or for corporate events, etc. Although I am classically trained, I find my greatest joy is to have the freedom of expression to compose my own music, or arrange music that I am passionate about and that I love, to create a new emotional experience for the listener.

When I first started my job as a pianist at a 5-star hotel, on my second performance, I had a lady tapped me on the shoulder as I was leaving on my session break, and handed me a note. I still have it today and it reads:

“Your obvious talent and the beautiful manner in which you play music has lifted my spirits and transformed my day to “extraordinary!”. Thank you – you are exceptional.”

I didn’t know who she was but it reaffirms to me that I must continue to create more music and to try to make a difference to the world, no matter how small. Since then, I have had a lot of positive feedback from people who have come up to the piano to say thank you or that they really enjoyed my playing. If I can do what I love and spread joy, it really is like a dream come true.

I hope each of my musical works takes you on a magical journey of enlightenment and inspires and uplifts you.

With Love, Peace and Joy,
Mable May

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